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San Jose State University - Delta Sigma


Alpha Omicron Pi's

Core Values


Commitment to

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on a promise to serve not only one another but the greater community as well. This commitment reflects a philosophy of friendship, concern, and usefulness in the world.


Commitment to

Whether a member chooses to serve as a chapter officer, or represent AOII as a member of other campus or community organizations, there are numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills as a member of AOII.


Commitment to

AOII encourages all members to excel academically and has many programs designed to assist women in achieving their academic goals. Expectations are high but the support provided by scholarship programs, academic development officer resources, and fellow members makes success attainable.


Commitment to
College Loyalty

From collegiate years on through alumnae involvement, the reason AOIIs continue service is the joy of spending time together and sharing the insights learned from the relationships we build and sustain.

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Letter from the President

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn about AOII at San Jose State. Our chapter is filled with incredible women whose different backgrounds, experiences, and talents have brought us together as sisters. AOII was founded by four young women (my age!) at Barnard College in 1897 who valued lasting friendship, kindness, scholarship, loyalty, and philanthropy. The beautiful Ritual they wrote has remained unchanged for 120 years. AOII’s everywhere still hold those values and our Ritual dear today.

I am truly grateful to serve these amazing sisters as Chapter President. AOII has given me so many opportunities for leadership, service and personal growth and I love to watch my sisters lead, serve and grow as well. Our chapter offers so much – retreats, sisterhood events, socials, sports, philanthropy events, and serving the community to name a few – and together we are creating memories and lifelong friendships.

When I received my bid, I never imagined how deeply AOII would affect my life but I can honestly say that I have been forever changed. I became a part of more than just a sorority—we’re a family. And we’re for life. As I continue my AOII journey, I’m confident I and my inspiring sisters will carry our values beyond our college experience and continue to cherish the friendships we have made in Alpha Omicron Pi.

Alpha love and mine,

Raquel Cosgrove